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# -- Main Menu --
# The main menu is displayed in the header at the top of the page.
# Acceptable parameters are name, pageRef, page, url, title, weight.
# The simplest menu configuration is to provide:
# name = The name to be displayed for this menu link
# pageRef = The identifier of the page or section to link to
# By default the menu is ordered alphabetically. This can be
# overridden by providing a weight value. The menu will then be
# ordered by weight from lowest to highest.
- name: Blog
pageRef: posts
weight: 10
- name: Series
pageRef: series
weight: 20
# -- Footer Menu --
# The footer menu is displayed at the bottom of the page, just before
# the copyright notice. Configure as per the main menu above.
- name: Source Code
url: ""
weight: 10
- name: Pay Transparency
pageRef: pay-transparency
weight: 20