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CHANGES change log
MANIFEST this file
Makefile Makefile
README read me
_csums checksums
dump.c dump code part of a T3X9-generated ELF file
t-vm.t T3X9->Tcode9 compiler
t.c T3X9->ELF boostrapping compiler
t.elf T3X9->ELF compiler, FreeBSD-386-ELF executable
t.t T3X9->ELF compiler
t.vm T3X9->Tcode9 compiler, Tcode9 VM executable
t3x-history.txt short summary of T3X language
t3x.bnf yaccable T3X9 grammar
t3x.txt T3X9 micro manual
tcdis.c Tcode9 disassembler
tcvm.c ad-hoc Tcode9 virtual machine
test.t test program