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This is the T3X9 compiler, Release 2
It is superset of the compiler described in
"Write Your Own Compiler"
by Nils M Holm
More details about the book can be found at T3X.ORG.
Please consult the CHANGES file before usig this version!
To compile the compiler on FreeBSD-386, just do
chmod +x t.elf && ./t.elf <t.t >t.new
To compile it on any system providing a C89 compiler:
cc -o t0 t.c && ./t0 <t.t >t.new
Alternatively, use the Tcode9 virtual machine:
cc -o tcvm tcvm.c && ./tcvm t.vm <t-vm.t >t.new
You can then compile T3X9 programs using
./tcvm t.new <t3x-program >vm-program