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@ -99,6 +99,9 @@ These flags are always used, regardless of whether static compilation is request
.It Cflags.private
Required compiler flags for static compilation.
(optional; fragment list; pkgconf extension)
.It Copyright
A copyright attestation statement.
(optional; literal; pkgconf extension)
.It Libs
Required linking flags for this package.
Libraries this package depends on for linking against it, which are not
@ -113,6 +116,10 @@ not described as dependencies should be specified here.
.It License
The asserted SPDX license tag that should be applied to the given package.
(optional; literal; pkgconf extension)
.It Maintainer
The preferred contact for the maintainer. This should be in the format of a
name followed by an e-mail address or website.
(optional; literal; pkgconf extension)
.It Requires
Required dependencies that must be met for the package to be usable.
All dependencies must be satisfied or the pkg-config implementation must not use
@ -154,6 +161,9 @@ includedir=${prefix}/include
Name: libfoo # human-readable name
Description: an example library called libfoo # human-readable description
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2022 pkgconf project authors
License: Apache-2.0
Maintainer: the pkgconf project <>
Version: 1.0
Requires: libbar > 2.0.0