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again, canoeboot is a fsdg coreboot distro

it should talk like one

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@ -13,10 +13,7 @@ via [\#canoeboot IRC](https://web.libera.chat/#canoeboot)
on [Libera](https://libera.chat/) IRC.
Canoeboot is maintained in parallel with Libreboot, by the same developer.
You are strongly advised to use *Libreboot*, but a certain minority may
prefer Canoeboot, which is essentially a *censored* Libreboot (no binary
blobs allowed, so only few boards supported whereas Libreboot supports more
boards while minimising the number of blobs to zero when possible).
Strictly speaking, it is a *fork* of Libreboot, but with a twist:
Canoeboot is provided for the purists who absolutely wish to have no proprietary
software of any kind. Regardless of any other firmware that exists outside of it,