git: add .gitsigners file and document how to use

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@ -0,0 +1 @@ AAAAGnNrLXNzaC1lZDI1NTE5QG9wZW5zc2guY29tAAAAILLr2NFDIXvtO32wLsdMaycO7jYHjd1tydv3ClA7B/yxAAAAB3NzaDpnaXQ=

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@ -9,6 +9,16 @@ Use and extend BearSSL in Rust.
* `bearssl`: Higher level code for easier use in servers, clients, etc.
* Versions below `0.0.2` are unrelated to this crate.
## Development
We prefer commit signing via SSH. The allowed signers are listed in `.gitsigners`.
To verify, a gitconfig entry such as the following is likely needed:
allowedSignersFile = .gitsigners
## License
All crates in this repository are available under `BSD-3-Clause`.