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package webfinger
import (
// Resource provides the fields for a JRD as specified in RFC7033.
type Resource struct {
Subject string `json:"subject"`
Aliases []string `json:"aliases,omitempty"`
Properties map[string]string `json:"properties,omitempty"`
Links []Link `json:"links,omitempty"`
// Link provides the fields for a link entry in a JRD.
type Link struct {
Rel string `json:"rel"`
Href string `json:"href"`
// Decoder provides a context for decoding a JRD.
type Decoder struct {
reader io.Reader
// NewDecoder creates a Decoder given an I/O reader.
func NewDecoder(r io.Reader) (*Decoder, error) {
dec := &Decoder{reader: r}
return dec, nil
// Decode decodes a JRD into a Resource.
func (dec *Decoder) Decode(rs *Resource) error {
jdec := json.NewDecoder(dec.reader)
return jdec.Decode(rs)
// Encoder provides a context for encoding a JRD.
type Encoder struct {
writer io.Writer
// NewEncoder creates an Encoder given an I/O writer.
func NewEncoder(w io.Writer) (*Encoder, error) {
enc := &Encoder{writer: w}
return enc, nil
// Encode encodes a Resource into a JRD.
func (enc *Encoder) Encode(rs *Resource) error {
jenc := json.NewEncoder(enc.writer)
return jenc.Encode(*rs)