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Aydin Mercan 986852c6ea
extract/v2: simply finding the signature type
1 day ago
doc fetch: implement --world 3 months ago
libfetch portability, fetch: drop static_deps dependencies 5 months ago
portability portability: check for qsort_r which does not match POSIX-next definition 4 months ago
scripts scripts: add script to generate APK cross file 2 years ago
src extract/v2: simply finding the signature type 1 day ago
test solver: do not auto select virtual-only package with one provider 6 months ago
tests version: increase number of digits supported in version component 10 months ago
.gitignore gitignore: add build/ 8 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml ci: use meson on debian, not legacy build system 8 months ago
.mailmap update mailmap with my newer email 2 years ago
AUTHORS Initial commit of some stuff written so far. Still in state of flux. Expect 15 years ago
LICENSE add LICENSE 2 years ago
Make.rules apk-tools-2.12.0_rc1 2 years ago
Makefile apk-tools-2.12.0 2 years ago readme: fix name of doc directory 3 years ago crypto: start seperating public/private key usage 2 days ago
meson_options.txt use arch_prefix for this feature instead 4 months ago

Alpine Package Keeper

Alpine Package Keeper (apk) is a package manager developed for Alpine Linux.

Online documentation is available in the doc/ directory in the form of man pages.