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@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
#include "DEVELOPMENT_TEAM.xcconfig"
#include? "DEVELOPMENT_TEAM.xcconfig"
// Create the file DEVELOPMENT_TEAM.xcconfig
// in the "Xcode-config" directory within the project directory
// with the following build setting:
// Hint: recent Xcode versions appear to automatically create an empty file
// for you on the first build. This build will fail, or course,
// because code-signing cant work without the DEVELOPMENT_TEAM set.
// Just fill it in and everything should work.
// One way to find your Team ID is to set the “Development Team”
// build setting (Xcode key: "DEVELOPMENT_TEAM") and have a look
// at the “Source Control” changes (menu item “Commit…”/⌥⌘C).
// Just make sure that this change doesnt actually get commited.
// You can find your team ID by logging into your Apple Developer account
// You can also find your Team ID by logging into your Apple Developer account
// and going to
// It should be listed under “Team ID”.
@ -27,12 +27,23 @@
// and any other build configurations you might have.
// There you can set the pull-down menus in the
// “Based on Configuration File” column to “Shared”.
// Done.
// Your work in Xcode is done.
// Dont forget to add the DEVELOPMENT_TEAM.xcconfig file to your .gitignore:
// # User-specific xcconfig files
// Xcode-config/DEVELOPMENT_TEAM.xcconfig
// The two lines above are an example.
// Please dont copy the comment slashes over though.
// You can now remove the “DevelopmentTeam = AB1234C5DE;” entries from the
// .xcodeproj/project.pbxproj if you want to.
// You can and should now replace the “DevelopmentTeam = AB1234C5DE;” entries in
// .xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
// with “DevelopmentTeam = "";”
// They would otherwise override the Team ID set via this config file and its include.
// Please note that .pbxproj files use straight quotes.
// When you commit changes to the Xcode project file
// after changing settings in “Signing & Capabilities”
// Entries like these may appear in your file changes/commit diff preview:
// CODE_SIGN_STYLE = Manual/Automatic;
// Please make sure not to commit them to source control.