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areff d2e95a50f8 Completely redesigned all menus, fixed crashers due to new PlaylistEntry structure, validated menu items, added menu entry for fading, synthesized playbackStatus, updated KnownIssues 2008-02-23 22:20:14 +00:00
areff e3216e0ef1 Added Remove from Queue right click menu item, still lacks validation. Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-22 15:26:46 +00:00
vspader fe331624f5 Added status column with playing and queued status support. 2008-02-22 02:19:46 +00:00
areff 7d83fab7e8 Updated KnownIssues 2008-02-21 11:01:26 +00:00
areff ea57907678 Fixed double click in File Tree. Updated KnownIssues to reflect problem with double click automatically adding directories. 2008-02-20 23:22:39 +00:00
vspader 86a63b1efc Updated KnownIssues and TODO. 2008-02-20 01:03:03 +00:00
areff f20b10fdd4 Most of the Repeat logic is in place (needs some brush up here and there). Still missing Repeat Album. Disabled some annoying debug output from MADDecoder. Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-19 19:59:35 +00:00
areff 9a43ad56f8 Added Repeat One logic to playbackController's requestNextStream. This is the only point on playback where repeat one should do anything at all, IMO. Repeat All logic added at same place, but this is only a temporary solution, as it does not heed shuffle in any way and generally feels less than optimal. Updated KnownIssues to reflect these changes. 2008-02-19 07:49:06 +00:00
vspader 1e7bfb19c4 Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-19 04:10:35 +00:00
vspader 8434f6e3b3 Added RepeatTransformers with the beginnings of support for the repeat modes. MenuItems's reflect the repeat state (yet do not work to set the state yet), and the repeat button toggles w/images as expected.. 2008-02-19 03:39:43 +00:00
vspader e65deb9d82 Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-18 03:31:29 +00:00
vspader e2399c12ca Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-18 01:59:50 +00:00
vspader 23719ada8e Updated KnownIssues. 2008-02-17 21:22:04 +00:00
vspader 1503c2868f Fixed File Tree preferences. 2008-02-17 19:27:29 +00:00
vspader 83d84a38d8 Moved File Drawer to File Tree Window. 2008-02-17 18:59:54 +00:00
areff b317d0ba01 Experimental font size increase and decrease added to Cmd-+ and Cmd--, fixed small bug in skipping to previous album, updated KnownIssues 2008-02-15 15:27:34 +00:00
areff f64ebf597f Added incremental seeking with remote, volumeUp/Down now take an amount argument, seekForward/Backward now take an amount argument, fixed incremental fadeout that will not register more than one timer, added status kCogStatusFading 2008-02-13 18:03:06 +00:00
areff 26d2b28484 updated KnownIssues 2008-02-12 22:28:11 +00:00
vspader a24149dc10 Fixed undo for clear. 2008-02-10 19:46:45 +00:00
areff 64f0a25a52 Added seeking menu entries, validation of Control menu entries, updated KnownIssues 2008-02-10 18:34:23 +00:00
areff 9b05ce02d2 Added undo functionality in playlist, undo works for removals, moves and adds. 2008-02-10 16:16:45 +00:00