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Drag from iTunes support (Aaron VonderHaar)
Output selection
Preferences support (Much thanks to Stephen Booth)
File Drawer
Apple Remote support
Better automatic updates thanks to the Sparkle framework
Global Hotkey support (Chris Henderson)
New UI (Aaron Marlin, Shaun Martin)
Makes honey-baked ham. (Kevin Wilson)
Wavpack length should be reported correctly.
Updated libsndfile to 1.0.15
Volume slider now gravitates to 100%, in the middle.
Universal binary
Volume settings are now consistent across songs.
Window remembers its location.
Info button now turns off when manually dragging the info drawer closed.
Fixed weirdness when displaying the info drawer after closing the window (via menu or keyboard shortcut).
Performing Get info now makes the window visible.
Added a donation menu item. ($)
Clicking the text field now toggles Time Elapsed with Time Remaining.
Invalid files are now skipped.
Shiny new status bar! (simon savary)
current song is displayed in the dock! (simon savary)
Dragging to the dock icon now works in 10.3.
Selection now selects the first song added when adding new files.
Now seeds the random number generator for shuffle mode.
Redesigned UI thanks to Julian Mayer
If nothing is selected when the user presses play, the first song is selected and played.
Double-clicking when out of focus now behaves as expected.
Now has a simple dock menu courtesy of Nathanael Weldon
The playlist index now starts at 1.
Seekbar now updates the time field as you drag it, Simon Savary
French translation courtesy of Simon Savary
Window is now brought to the front when opening a playlist.
Should work with 3rd party audio devices.
Gapless playback.
New core which should feature better performance.
New bugs and crashes!
Fixed id3v1 tag issue when taggers use spaces to fill empty bytes.
Fixed minor UI (Hide NewApplication) bug.
Fixed version number, so autoupdate should work.
Compiled with GCC3.3, which should hopefully fix issues with 10.3. (If it doesn't, contact me please)
Now ignores case when dealing with file extensions.
Added volume slider.
Fixed autopositioning of the volume slider.
Fixed crash when dragging/dropping files to the playlist.
Fixed bug where Default.playlist referred to non-existent files, resulting in a crash.
Clicking on the time display will now alternate between current time, and time to go.
Now makes ham.
Awesomized id3v2 and tagging support courtesy of TagLib.
Dramatically improved performance of monkeys audio codec.
SHN and Wavpack support.
AAC support. (AAC with id3 tags not supported at the moment.)
Fixed 10.3 bug where files would not be removed from the playlist.
Added tooltips and control menu.
Fixed play button so it now plays the currently selected song if no song is playing. Otherwise, it does pause/resume.
Changed info panel to a drawer.
Misc UI fixes.
Initial release.