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@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ P*: Partially works with blobs
| ***Features*** | |
| **Internal flashing with original boot firmware** | ? |
| **Internal flashing with original boot firmware** | W+ |
| **Display (if Intel GPU)** | W+ |
| **Display (discrete CPU, SeaBIOS payload only)** | W* |
| **Audio** | W+ |
@ -206,6 +206,21 @@ Flash a ROM image (software)
If you're already running Libreboot, and you don't have flash protection
turned on, [internal flashing](../install/) is possible.
Internal flashing can also be done with the original Dell BIOS, if the
SERVICE_MODE jumper near the PCIe slots is removed. Before flashing,
rmmod spi-intel-platform
needs to be run to prevent errors. Once Libreboot is installed, the
SERVICE_MODE jumper can be replaced.
**Note: The Dell BIOS can write EFI variables to flash when shutting
down, which could corrupt the newly flashed Libreboot ROM and render
the system unusable. To prevent this, after flashing internally from
the original Dell BIOS, remove power from the computer instead of
shutting it down normally. It's recommended to use a live USB instead
of the internal drive to prevent potential filesystem corruption.**
Flash a ROM image (hardware)