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# Setting up a dev environment
## Assumptions
You have a package manager, and your system is systemd-based.
## Prerequisites
## Nodejs
Install nodejs via your package manager. We used v19.1.0 for this setup.
## Ruby
Install ruby via your package manager of choice.
## Ruby Extras
Your distro may package `bundle` and `irb` in separate packages (Arch does). If they are, install them too.
On Arch these are `ruby-bundler` and `ruby-irb`.
## PostGreSQL
Install postgres via your package manager.
Enable and start the default `postgresql.service`
## Redis
Install redis via your package manager.
Enable and start the default `redis.service`
## Pre-Work
In the following instructions, replace USER with your *nix user name.
1. Give the postgres user rwx on your home folder. We used `sudo setfacl -m u:postgres:rwx /home/USER`.
2. Set up your user for postgres db creation with `sudo -u postgres createuser USER --createdb`.
3. Navigate to the root of this repo
4. Run `bundle config set --local path 'vendor/bundle'. This will store the all the ruby gems locally so that we can
avoid interfering with system config.
5. Run `bundle install`.
6. Run `yarn install`.
7. Run `bundle exec rake db:setup`. If this fails, you can use `bundle exec rake db:reset` to forcibly regenerate it.
## Getting it running
To make our lives easier, we'll use `foreman` to run the site, so use `gem install foreman` to get that going.
1. Run `export RAILS\_ENV=development` and `export NODE\_ENV=development`.
a. Put these in your shell's .rc, or a script you can source if you want to skip this step in the future.
2. Run `bundle exec rake assets:precompile`.
a. If this explodes, complaining about `Hash`, you'll need to `export NODE\_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider`. Same
deal as the above.
b. After doing this, you will need to `bundle exec rake assets:clobber` and then re-run
`bundle exec rake assets:precompile`.
3. Run `foreman start`
# Updates/Troubleshooting
## RubyVM/DebugInspector Issues
Still unable to fix. Circumvent by removing `better\_errors` and `binding\_of\_caller` from Gemfile.
Happy to troubleshoot with someone better with Ruby than us >_<'/.
## Webpack Issues
If Webpack compalins about being unable to find some assets or locales:
1. yarn add webpack
2. git restore package.json yarn.lock
3. yarn install
Then re-run `foreman`. No. We have no idea why this worked.
If the above instructions don't work, please contact @Rin here, or