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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "fileutils"
# path to your application root.
APP_ROOT = File.expand_path('..', __dir__)
def system!(*args)
system(*args) || abort("\n== Command #{args} failed ==")
FileUtils.chdir APP_ROOT do
# This script is a way to set up or update your development environment automatically.
# This script is idempotent, so that you can run it at any time and get an expectable outcome.
# Add necessary setup steps to this file.
puts '== Installing dependencies =='
system! 'gem install bundler --conservative'
system('bundle check') || system!('bundle install')
# Install JavaScript dependencies
system! 'bin/yarn'
# puts "\n== Copying sample files =="
# unless File.exist?('config/database.yml')
# FileUtils.cp 'config/database.yml.sample', 'config/database.yml'
# end
puts "\n== Preparing database =="
system! 'bin/rails db:prepare'
puts "\n== Removing old logs and tempfiles =="
system! 'bin/rails log:clear tmp:clear'
puts "\n== Restarting application server =="
system! 'bin/rails restart'