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sudo pacman -Syu cb01bc2765 config(kitty): more fonts 2024-04-16 16:26:34 +07:00
sudo pacman -Syu e60aea2e97 config(kitty): change fonts 2024-04-16 16:01:54 +07:00
2 changed files with 27 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -2,11 +2,10 @@
include mocha.conf
# kitty +list-fonts --psnames
font_family Maple Mono
bold_font Maple Mono Bold
italic_font MonoLisa Italic
bold_italic_font MonoLisa Bold Italic
font_family Lilex Regular
bold_font Lilex Bold
italic_font IBM Plex Mono Italic
bold_italic_font IBM Plex Mono Bold Italic
font_size 14.0
@ -37,10 +36,30 @@ symbol_map U+E000-U+E00A Symbols Nerd Font Mono
# Codicons
symbol_map U+EA60-U+EC1E Symbols Nerd Font Mono
# kitty +list-fonts --psnames
font_features RecMonoCasual-Regular +ss01 +ss02 +ss03 +ss04 +ss05 +ss06 +ss10 +ss11 +ss12
font_features RecMonoCasual-Bold +ss01 +ss02 +ss03 +ss04 +ss05 +ss06 +ss10 +ss11 +ss12
font_features RecMonoCasual-Italic +ss01 +ss02 +ss03 +ss04 +ss05 +ss06 +ss10 +ss11 +ss12
font_features RecMonoCasual-BoldItalic +ss01 +ss02 +ss03 +ss04 +ss05 +ss06 +ss10 +ss11 +ss12
font_features VictorMono-Regular +ss01 +ss06
font_features VictorMono-Bold +ss01 +ss06
font_features VictorMono-Italic +ss01 +ss06
font_features VictorMono-BoldItalic +ss01 +ss06
font_features MapleMono-Regular +cv03 +zero
font_features MapleMono-Regular_Bold +cv03 +zero
font_features MapleMono-Bold +cv03 +zero
font_features MapleMono-Italic +cv03 +zero
font_features MapleMono-Italic_Bold-Italic +cv03 +zero
font_features MapleMono-BoldItalic +cv03 +zero
font_features Lilex-Regular +cv01 +cv02 +cv06 +ss02
font_features Lilex-Regular_Bold +cv01 +cv02 +cv06 +ss02
font_features JuliaMono-Regular +ss01 +ss06 +ss08 +ss09 +ss12 +ss14 +cv02 +cv03
font_features JuliaMono-Bold +ss01 +ss06 +ss08 +ss09 +ss12 +ss14 +cv02 +cv03
font_features JuliaMono-RegularItalic +ss01 +ss06 +ss08 +ss09 +ss12 +ss14 +cv02 +cv03
font_features JuliaMono-BoldItalic +ss01 +ss06 +ss08 +ss09 +ss12 +ss14 +cv02 +cv03
font_features MonoLisaItalic-Light +ss02 +ss07 +ss08 +ss15 +ss16
font_features MonoLisaItalic-Bold +ss02 +ss07 +ss08 +ss15 +ss16

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@ -442,6 +442,7 @@ require("lazy").setup({
python = { "ruff_format" },
sh = { "shfmt" },
toml = { "taplo" },
yaml = { "prettier" },
zsh = { "shfmt" },
formatters = {