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Use and extend BearSSL in Rust.


  • bearssl-sys: Autogenerated FFI bindings for BearSSL 0.6. Can use the link dynamically or bundle a build itself.
    • Versions below 0.0.5 are unrelated to this crate.
  • bearssl: Higher level code for easier use in servers, clients, etc.
    • Versions below 0.0.2 are unrelated to this crate.


The code exists in multiple places as listed below:

  • Main Repository
    • Where the main branch resides.
    • CI tasks are planned to run here.
  • GitHub Mirror
    • Mainly intended to be used as a source for crate registries.
    • Short jobs such as auditing also run here.
    • Issues here are still considered but PRs will probably be merged manually.

We prefer commit signing via SSH. The allowed signers are listed in .gitsigners. To verify, a gitconfig entry such as the following is likely needed:

    allowedSignersFile = .gitsigners


All crates in this repository are available under BSD-3-Clause. Please refer to each crate's README for more details.