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Leah Rowe 6 months ago
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@ -103,12 +103,12 @@ How to help
You can check bugs listed on
the [bug tracker](https://notabug.org/libreboot/lbmk/issues).
the [bug tracker](https://codeberg.org/libreboot/lbmk/issues).
If you spot a bug and have a fix, the website has instructions for how to send
patches, and you can also report it. Also, this entire website is
written in Markdown and hosted in a [separate
repository](https://notabug.org/libreboot/lbwww) where you can send patches.
repository](https://codeberg.org/libreboot/lbwww) where you can send patches.
Any and all development discussion and user support are all done on the IRC
channel. More information is on the contact page of libreboot.org.