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# Security Policy
If you believe you've identified a security vulnerability in Mastodon (a bug that allows something to happen that shouldn't be possible), you can reach us at <>.
You should _not_ report such issues on GitHub or in other public spaces to give us time to publish a fix for the issue without exposing Mastodon's users to increased risk.
## Scope
A "vulnerability in Mastodon" is a vulnerability in the code distributed through our main source code repository on GitHub. Vulnerabilities that are specific to a given installation (e.g. misconfiguration) should be reported to the owner of that installation and not us.
## Supported Versions
| Version | Supported |
| ------- | --------- |
| 4.1.x | Yes |
| 4.0.x | Yes |
| 3.5.x | Yes |
| < 3.5 | No |