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Treehouse Emoji

This repo is unstable. Expect folder structure and vector image changes.

All are welcome to use and re-purpose our emoji files as they see fit.

Pride Set

:agender_flag: :aromantic_flag: :asexual_flag: :black_transgender_flag: :bigender_flag: :bisexual_flag: :demiboy_flag: :demigirl_flag: :demisexual_flag: :gay_male_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :genderqueer_flag: :intersex_flag: :lesbian_flag: :lesbian2_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :omnisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :polyamory_flag: :polyamory2_flag: :prorgress_flag: :prorgress2_flag: :rainbow_flag: :transfemme_flag: :transgender_flag: :transmasc_flag:


All images are published through the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.

All other files are under The 3-Clause BSD License.


Demiboy and Demigirl flags based on transrants designs (since taken down).

Demisexual Flag based on's SVG (CC0 1.0).

Intersex Flag is based on Morgan Carpenter's SVG design (CC0 1.0).

New Polyamory Flag courtesy of PolyAmProud (CC0).

Omnisexual flag based on Pastelmemer's design (since taken down).

Old Polyamory Flag design (polyamory2_flag) is based on Jim Evan's SVG (CC0 1.0).

Progress Flag is based on's SVG (CC0 1.0).

Transgender Flag is based on Dlloyd's SVG (Public Domain).