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Tool to generate, CHANGELOG.rst from Conventional Commits.


With Go version >= 1.16:

go install

With Go version < 1.16:

GO111module=on go get


--from is commit in the future aka new.

--to is commit in the past aka old.

Go from future to the past.

# Help
changeloguru --help

# Generate changelog v1.0.0
changeloguru generate --version v1.0.0

# Generate changelog v2.0.0 from HEAD to tag v1.0.0
changeloguru generate --version v2.0.0 --to v1.0.0

# Generate changelog in dry run mode (without changing anything)
changeloguru generate --version v2.0.0 --to v1.0.0 --dry-run

# Generate changelog only for scope
changeloguru generate --version v2.0.0 --to v1.0.0 --scope projectA --scope projectB

# Generate changelog in interactive mode (with instruction) and auto push commit, tag
changeloguru generate -i --auto-commit --auto-tag --auto-push


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