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eureka opened issue treehouse/mastodon#54

Some account data and reports are not persistent

2023-03-27 22:34:26 +00:00

eureka opened issue treehouse/mastodon#26

Signup form does not display character restrictions for usernames

2022-12-01 10:11:01 +00:00

eureka commented on issue treehouse/mastodon#14

Improve HTML/Markdown sanitization

We discussed this on Discord briefly, so just recapping: I think the best route here is to entity encode the entire non-text (excluding "safe" symbol) input before doing Markdown processing. Doing…

2022-11-17 17:32:50 +00:00

eureka opened issue treehouse/mastodon#15

Inline translation on toots

2022-11-17 17:19:53 +00:00