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title: "Pay Transparency"
date: 2022-11-01T11:11:29+11:00
lastmod: 2023-12-06T18:45:00+11:00
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summary: "This page lists every job we have ever held in tech, inspired by Xes salary transparency page."
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# Salary/Pay Transparency
This page lists every job we have ever held in tech, inspired by
[Xe's salary transparency]( page. They set an admirable example, and we'd like to
follow suit, as the more data pay/salary data exists, the more others can reason about their own situations.
## Salary Data
Data on this page is sourced from contracts, emails, and other communication with employers.
We do our best to ensure that this information is up-to-date and accurate.
| Position | Start Date | End Date | Salary | Benefits | How we left |
| ------------------------------------ | ----------- | ----------- | ----------- | ------------------------------------------------------------- | ----------------- |
| Network Engineer | 10-Mar-2017 | 08-May-2017 | 120 AUD/hr | None - Contract | Quit |
| Network Engineer | 10-May-2017 | 07-Aug-2021 | 80,000 AUD | {{< hover "Time Off In Lieu" >}}TOIL{{< /hover >}}for CRs | Quit |
| Senior Infrastructure Technical Lead | 08-Aug-2021 | 05-Aug-2022 | 100 AUD/hr | {{< hover "Time Off In Lieu" >}}TOIL{{< /hover >}}for On-Call | Hired Full-Time |
| Senior Infrastructure Technical Lead | 15-Aug-2022 | N/A | 140,000 AUD | {{< hover "Time Off In Lieu" >}}TOIL{{< /hover >}}for On-Call | Converted to Perm |
| Senior Infrastructure Technical Lead | 15-Aug-2023 | N/A | 162,000 AUD | {{< hover "Time Off In Lieu" >}}TOIL{{< /hover >}}for On-Call | Raise |
| Senior Infrastructure Technical Lead | 13-Dec-2023 | N/A | 166,663 AUD | {{< hover "Time Off In Lieu" >}}TOIL{{< /hover >}}for On-Call | N/A |
## Updates
This page is typically updated whenever we:
- quit a job,
- get a raise at the same company,
- change position at the same company,
- are converted from contract to full-time,
- other unspecified things happen.
## Your Turn!
> **(Ashe)** Please consider also publishing your salary/pay data. The more information is out there in the open,
> the better equipped everyone is to handle pay negotiation and the more likely we are to ensure that everyone is paid fairly.
> **(Selene)** By sharing this information publicly and unabashedly, we can end the stigmas around discussing pay
> and renumeration. These stigmas serve only to leave people in the dark and unable to argue for their own worth.
> **(Octavia)** As they say, the light of day is the best disinfectant.