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Nefo Fortressia 60fc36c852
chore: migrate issue and PR templates to Gitea format
Also add metadata to the issues and the PR template.

GitLab doesn't use file-based configuration for the PR template,
so the template is added here.

2021-12-28 10:31:15 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 4a152416ff
feat: implement creating a new file
Merge branch 'feat/new-file' from

See #20
2021-12-28 08:59:21 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 319bc3914b
Merge branch 'main' into feat/new-file 2021-12-28 08:55:01 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia e077e690f2
fix: panic! expecting &str in editor/
In Rust 2021, panic! automatically formats the message.
Because of this, the panic! macro complained about the argument not being &str
as format! returns a String instead.
2021-12-28 08:37:09 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia c6da158bb6
feat: implement saving file normally
Merge branch 'feat/save' of

See #21
2021-12-27 21:03:08 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia f785463540
refactor: refactor things with Clippy's help
Merge branch 'refactor/clippy' of

See #23
2021-12-27 20:59:09 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia fa128ca284
feat: enable GtkSourceView line numbers and line marks
Merge branch 'feat/editor-gutter' of

See: #22
2021-12-27 20:50:25 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia e0d353a10b
refactor: remove double pointer in setting a file's tab title
This is because the file name is an &OsStr converted to &str and thus already a pointer.
2021-12-18 17:34:27 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia b53915afa0
refactor: set unused parameters in TabLabel as unused 2021-12-18 17:30:28 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 9b99932fdd
refactor: use match when processing EchidnaCoreEditor's initial file
Just like in 8e31be7.
2021-12-18 17:29:39 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 8e31be7e47
refactor: don't unwrap tab label' childs and use match when prepending it
If statements are for booleans, matches are intended for Options like these.

2021-12-18 17:21:50 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia c8fd305d90
refactor: removed unused imports in 2021-12-18 17:17:53 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 10ae0cf783
feat: implement Default for EchidnaSidebar
EchidnaSidebar doesn't take any parameters, thus allowing Default to be easily implemented on it.
2021-12-18 17:17:15 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 9e06e96fed
chore: remove clippy.toml
Clippy categories can only be configured trough parameters and clippy macros.

They can't be configured in config files.
2021-12-18 17:16:16 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 5e574299f3 Merge branch 'main' into 'feat/save'
# Conflicts:
#   src/components/window/
2021-12-18 04:53:27 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia e3b330a57c fix: activity views not appearing
Merge branch 'feat/activitybar' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!11
2021-12-17 02:38:12 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia d98266255a refactor: use gtk::show_uri() instead of webbrowser crate
Merge branch 'refactor/gtk_show_uri_on_window' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!17
2021-12-17 02:32:51 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia c1193df8a2 refactor: make tab label their own widget
Merge branch 'refactor/closable-tabs' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!15
2021-12-17 02:29:51 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia 4583f993ab refactor: reexport functionalities to the crate for easier importing
Merge branch 'refactor/exports' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!13
2021-12-17 02:29:11 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia 3c9b665cbf fix: fix unexpected } in
Merge branch 'fix/unexpected-curly-bracket' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!18
2021-12-17 02:26:44 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia c3a0e5dcee
feat: enable GtkSourceView line numbers and line marks
2021-12-17 09:22:57 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 38f072617f refactor: use GtkFileChooserNative for file dialogs
Merge branch 'refactor/file-chooser-native' into 'main'

Closes #22

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!19
2021-12-16 10:17:44 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia d8c7f104ab
feat: implement "Save" menu 2021-12-16 14:06:33 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 52d1bdf7db
refactor: move the code for saving files to EchidnaCoreEditor
Additionally add support for normal saving ("Save File").

This change gives support for saving files other than the current one.

EchidnaWindow.save_file_as() was only able to save the current tab opened.
2021-12-16 14:04:53 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia ce8fb5dd12
refactor: separate get_current_tab() from save_file_as()
EchidnaWindow.get_current_tab() can now be used independently.

This will help with reusing it in another places. I think it will be used a lot.

Additionally, it will return Result<A, &str> instead of panicking, as it's a utils function now and should never panic.
2021-12-16 11:08:42 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia f29b48b9b4 refactor: migrate to Rust 2021
Merge branch 'refactor/rust2021' into 'main'

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!16
2021-12-15 22:09:51 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia d480fdb02b
refactor: move saving file code to save_file_as()
save_file_as() can now be run independently.
2021-12-15 19:45:19 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia cfe8c4dbe4
refactor: use GtkFileChooserNative for file dialogs
GtkFileChooserNative uses the platform's APIs, and thus the Portal API.

This is important since we want to integrate this well with Flatpak.

2021-12-14 08:45:21 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 7478d894ea
fix: fix unexpected } in
I think this is due to git add -p mistakes when I did 1b9f20b.

Not affecting anything, as is still WIP.
2021-12-14 08:29:48 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 92f6770876
refactor: use gtk::show_uri() instead of webbrowser crate 2021-12-13 12:30:43 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia d29223e17f
chore: bump Rust edition to Rust 2021
Follow up of 183d548, which migrate old syntaxes to the new ones.

2021-12-13 11:25:33 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia b9a0719750
refactor: migrate panic!() usage to Rust 2021
This commit refactors code to conform to some changes in Rust 2021:
- The panic!() macro now uses format_args!() like println!().
- The usage of panic!(x) is now deprecated if x is not a string literal.

2021-12-13 11:25:10 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 0de1d86494 refactor: update all Git links to the GitLab repo
Merge branch 'refactor/gitlab' into 'main'

Closes #9

See merge request EchidnaHQ/Echidna!10
2021-11-16 07:56:42 +00:00
Nefo Fortressia 18ac470c47
refactor: make tab label their own widget
This helps with downcasting which greatly helps with type safety.
2021-11-15 07:14:59 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 9a21bd54e5
Merge branch 'refactor/exports' into refactor/closable-tabs 2021-11-15 06:59:46 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 87fdfc8d9c
feat: implement action 2021-11-14 10:29:51 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 0bd8b34cfe
Merge branch 'refactor/exports' into feat/new-file 2021-11-14 10:05:59 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia bd429a2b27
chore: pin pre-commit repos to their latest version 2021-11-13 13:44:41 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 64b63cf416
refactor: reexport all preludes to the crate 2021-11-12 20:22:32 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 8a9c414aee
refactor: reexport component preludes 2021-11-12 20:20:48 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 0c43be616e
style: change the /lib prelude to import everything in closeable_tab 2021-11-12 19:49:55 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia fb0a4e731d
refactor: reexport components in components/ 2021-11-12 19:45:19 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 044414fa06
style: reorder import order in window/ 2021-11-12 16:56:45 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia bc1aa68fbd
Merge branch 'main' into refactor/gitlab 2021-11-10 16:36:08 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 89cc40cdcb
refactor: update all Git links to the GitLab repo 2021-11-10 16:32:40 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia ed2568dc25
chore: add "Logs" to the bug issue template 2021-11-09 08:01:10 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 0e860f2621
Merge branch 'main' into chore/description-templates 2021-11-09 08:00:42 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia c2a49721e7
Merge branch 'main' into chore/description-templates 2021-11-09 07:56:58 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 1a4c3bcce5
chore: add commitizen linting with pre-commit 2021-11-09 06:10:39 +07:00
Nefo Fortressia 52ef47f6fd
Merge branch 'main' into chore/commitizen 2021-11-09 05:41:54 +07:00